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Monday, June 09, 2003

Update Your Bookmarks!!!!! Yes. I am moving. Jen has been so gracious as to offer up some of her space and I have accepted. Now, I just have to master doing this without the hassle. How will I ever manage?!?! http://tony.freakinjen.us/ Update your bookmarks this week, as there will be lite posting in both places (probably nothing in this place). Hey, I'm unpacking and it will take a few days. Not to mention, I am redesigning (again) just for the new digs!!!!!!!!!
That's Why They Call It A "Theory" Theories come and go about a great many things. Sometimes, the theory is just dropped. Other times, it is grabbed hold of like edge of a thousand foot high cliff. Hopefully, this one is the first type.
Humans became hairless to avoid biting insects rather than stay cool in hot climates, scientists claimed today.
Any scientific data to back that up?
A new theory says the “naked ape” lost its fur in order to deprive fleas, ticks and other blood sucking insects of a home. In time, hairlessness became a sexually attractive trait, ensuring that it was passed down through the generations.
The only thing factual there is the fact that humans are hairless and most humans find "hairless" a fairly attractive trait.
Humans are virtually alone among mammals in lacking a dense layer of protective fur or hair.
How's this? Humans are virtually alone among mammals in lacking hair because --- GASP --- we didn't evolve from anything.
Another theory, that humans are hairless because they are descended from aquatic apes, lacks supportive evidence.
Aquatic Apes? What the HECK is that? Not to mention that "lacks supportive evidence" is a large understatement. Many things in evolution "lacks supportive evidence", but that hasn't stopped them before. One of my problems (as long time readers of mine will already know) with the "Theory of Evolution" is the total lack of scientific data to back it up. One piece of missing data is "where did hair come from?" Now, instead of trying to figure out where hair came from, they're more interested in where hair went. This totally falls under the "Baffle Them With B***S***" category. UPDATE: The House Commander™ has found, in the above article, the reason she married me:
"Hairlessness would have allowed humans to advertise their reduced susceptibility to parasitic infection, making it desirable in a mate. A selection pressure was therefore created that ensured humans remained hairless."
Whatever it takes ...

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Earth Greener? American RealPolitik posts a National Geographic article that the earth is actually greener because of "global warming". Hmmm. Interesting, to say the least.
Finnnnaaaaally, Tony Has Returned To Posting Geez. Blogger's problems seemed easy enough to fix, but then again, I'm not the one fixing them.
Pre-emptive Strike Following up on my war on pop-ps, just signed DoubleClick.net up for a subscription to some newspaper. If you really want to let them know how annoying their service is, they actually have a public relations email address: publicrelations@doubleclick.net. Which is more stupid? My war which I will never win, or them actually having email addresses on their homepage?
Somebody Has To Step Up You see them everyday. They annoy the living crap out of you, everyday. Well, I'm sick of them. Welcome to the time of the year that I fight back at those ANNOYING POP-UP WINDOWS. The company I strike first? TrafficMarketplace.com. Opening salvo:
Sirs, Just an FYI ... your ads, along with the ads of countless other intruders on my privacy and activity, are just as annoying as jock itch. Thanks for serving no purpose, somebody has to.
They ALWAYS respond to me for some reason. I don't get it. Oh, and if you give them an email address, hope it isn't one you like, they'll SPAM the crap out of it, because, as we all know, they are sooooo ethical.
What Is Peace? According to Hamas, apparently it is continued attacks. What makes this even worse is that many Palestinians are getting a bit perturbed at Hamas for not really wanting peace. Now, let's walk through this in its simplist form. 1) Palestinian Authority is recognized leadership of the "territories". 2) Palestinian Authority (minus Arafat) wants a cease fire so that some form of peace can be obtained. 3) Palestinian Authority (minus Arafat) wants a recognized Palestine. 4) Hamas does not recognize the authority of the PA, Israel, or anybody else. 5) Hamas habitually murders women and children; both Israeli and Palestinian. 6) Terrorists, by definition, recognizes no governmental authority, never really wants peace, and habitually kill the innocent. 7) If A=B and B=C, then A=C . . . Hamas is a terrorist organization and should be dealt with as such.
Attack On Human Dignity There are groups in Canada that believe that spanking your child is an attack on human dignity. Of course it is, that's why it works as punishment. I hate it when people who obviously have no kids, try to tell us parents how to raise our kids.
Attack On America Now, the more liberal people who come to this site are all going to think that this is a typical "right-wing" response, but I'm going to say it anyway. The United Nations is out to take your guns again. Though, firearms of some type are found in many nations, the "forum" will focus on the United States. For some reason, the United Nations wants OUR guns and not necessarily the actual bad guys in the world.
Forget SARS! Monkeypox is breaking out in the United States.
'Monkeypox' is untreatable and health officials estimate the virus has a mortality rate of between 1 percent and 10 percent, compared with a mortality rate of about 30 percent for smallpox, according to the Washington Post.
And, your worried about SARS? Sheesh, now, stay away from the prairie dogs.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Heh . . . Again At least the reservist has a sense of humor. [Sorry, absolutely forgot where I stole this picture from. I hate when that happens, as well - I'm very sure it was off a link over at Jen's, but danged if I know which one and I feel guilty unless I plug SOMEBODY'S website]
Criticizing Hamas If you want to point to something which could be HUGE in the "peace in the Middle East" process, you only need to look to the Palestinian officials criticizing Hamas for trying to torpedo the peace process just as it was beginning to roll.
Hehe Here I sit with the laptop fired up, the television on ESPN, and the family in the other room leaving me in peace and quiet. Yes, I will be with them today, but right now, I'm enjoying the total solitude. While sitting here, I'm out surfing around the world of the Blog, and come across this post from "King's Kid".
Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen were sitting down for yet another round of peace talks. Sharon says, "Before the talks begin I'd like to tell you a story about something that happened to Moses when he was leading the Israelites through the desert. They stopped at an oasis and Moses decided to take a dip in the water. When he came out his robe was missing. Moses yelled, "It must have been the Palestinians!" At this point the Palestinian Prime Minister broke in, "Wait a minute, there were no Palestinians back then!" Sharon says, "As long as we have that cleared up we can begin."

Friday, June 06, 2003

GRRRRRRR Not having the funds to actually MOVE this stupid site is starting to aggrevate the crap out of me. So, I go out and about seeing what kind of free PHP hosting there is out there, and I've come to the conclusion of: NOTHING. There's nothing out there worth a FLIP. So, I'm stuck doing one of two things: 1) Sticking it out on BlogSpot, which is absolutely driving me nuts, OR 2) Taking an indefinite hiatus until I can get some hosting ... I HATE making decisions ... I'm no good at them.
San Antonio Bars' Business About To Pick Up Bars in San Antonio, Texas, are about to see a surge in business. Why? Because, Austin, Texas, has now enacted a smoking ban, which will drive patrons to make the 35 mile trip to San Antonio to do their partying.
Common Sense Prevails Well, much to her dislike, the Muslim chick in Florida will have to remove her veilif she wishes to drive. Oh well, she could just walk, as far as I care.
A Requested Opinion Some of you keep emailing me asking my thoughts on the whole "file sharing" fiasco. Well, due to getting tired of answering the same question so many times, here it is: First off, the music industry DOES have a case. Are they putting out music worth buying? Obviously, or you wouldn't be trying to download it for free. Are they putting out music I would allow in MY house? Rarely, hence, I don't buy many CDs. Should it be illegal to download, copy, and burn music from other people? Personally, I think so. Now, make the distinction here - there is a difference between STREAMING music and COPYING music, so don't send me any emails about it. I know there's a difference. Secondly, who are you really cheating when you download, copy, and burn music somebody else has paid for? The artist you supposedly like so much you would be downloading their music. Do they make a killing of the sell of one album? Mostly? No, they do not. They make MUCH more money on the concerts which are WAY overpriced. If you go out and buy a CD, you have every right in the world to make a back-up copy (just as with software). However, that does not give you free license to distribute the music. I know, I know. I can hear all of you moan at once, but how about this scenerio:
A new artist comes out and you REALLY like their stuff. Liking their stuff so much, you go out and buy their CD. You just made them a few pennies, great for you. You copy and make available the entire CD on the Internet. Now, people by the hundreds go to your site and download, copy, and burn the music to CD (remember, they did not pay for this). Then, they make a few more copies for their friends and whoever else wants one. The artist, in the mean time, isn't selling albums and will be dropped by the record label (that's the way the industry works - you don't sell, you don't work . . . much like any other job). Now, you get no more music by said artist, because, well, you just got them fired. Of course, you could go to your local "Dive Bar" and listen to them, but it'll be the same old stuff you already have.
Not only did you hurt the "record company", you hurt the artist themselves. THEY have the copyright to the music you are allowing others to steal. It's like not buying gas of Friday, you aren't really hurting anybody but the local station owner.
New Favorite Snack Item Yes, I have found a new favorite snack item. I picked it up while at the store one day because it looked half-way interesting, and now I am totally in love with the Del Monte Citrus Salad.
Links Clean Up Time If you look over to the left and see your site, and you update on a semi-regular basis, or are out on summer break, or whatever else the reason is that you haven't posted in more than 4 weeks, let me know. Otherwise, the link will disappear. Nothing personal, just don't want a bunch of dead links floating around. For those in college and on summer break, if it explicitly says that you are away for summer and/or vacation, nothing to worry about, you'll stay on. You guys know the drill. If I remove you and you DO still update (interval isn't important - the fact that you DO is), just email me and let me know. Spanks, Tony
How Do They Think Of This Stuff Apparently, the "government" does not actually think before enacting something. Hey, if you're needy, there's now a website which will help you find out if you qualify for food stamps.
Matthew Bennett, a policy director at the Alliance for Public Technology, which lobbies for greater access, said he is glad the Web site is available. But, he added, "I think they're missing some of their target audience in that approach."
Oh, you think?!?!? Genius, I'm telling you. Just genius.
Taxless People Of America, Rejoice Even though they don't pay taxes, low-income families are going to get a tax credit. Welcome to what most people would call "A Redistribution of Wealth".
And, The Violence Will Continue Hamas has broken off talks with the Palestinian Authority over what it called some inappropriate concessions and remarks by PA Prime Minister Abbas.
Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said Hamas was ending dialogue since Abbas ignored at the summit key issues like the right of return of Palestinian refugees to what is now Israel and the future of Jerusalem.
Hello? They didn't HAVE to leave in the first place. YOUR militant idealogies are what made them leave. Specifically, YOUR groups told them they could return as soon as you drove the Jews "into the sea". The ones who remained are now an integral part of Israeli society.
Activists from the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah party, released a statement conditioning the agreement to a temporary cease-fire (hudna) on Israel lifting the siege on Arafat, a halt to assassinations and the release of Palestinian prisoners, Israel Radio reported Friday.
They want Israel to let criminals go free. This is not a condition of peace. This is a reason for not attaining peace. As long as Hamas is not dismantled, in my opinion, there can never be peace in the Middle East. Once you dismantle Hamas, Arafat will soon follow. The two main obstacles to both peace in the region and a Palestinian homeland, must be removed.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

When Did This Happen I don't know when it happened, but this here little site has moved up to Adorable Little Rodent
Just Some Thoughts You guys are lucky. God is wanting some great things out of me, and in me trying to "move over" and let Him drive, you get the benefit of my incomprehensible notes: 1. We were always taught that the Christian life was about us obeying God's standards. We have been seeking to live up to standards which we, alone, can never meet. 2. New Covenant truths are life changing realities. 3. Fact is that all of us have areas in our lives where we SEE a chasm between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it. 4. God uses different factors to help people overcome these obstacles: Church, friends, counseling, Pastors, neighbors, work-mates, etc... 5. God does not exist for us, we exist for Him. 6. We are to fit into what God is doing. God is not a Co-Pilot (as the bumper sticker implies), He is the Pilot of ALL things. 7. No matter what we think God is doing FOR us, He is actually using us to go THROUGH. 8. Our main purpose for being created is to glorify God and to ensure His name stays pure: Romans 1:21 --- "For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him . . ." 9. The most significant thing about my salvation, is that it brings glory to God. 10. In the same way, our personal ministries are important for the glory they bring God. (1 Peter 4:11) 11. God staked his reputation on the People of Israel. in the book of Ezekiel, God says that the people have made Him "ordinary". That's all for now, be back later. Thanks for letting me get that half-way organized.
I Was Thinking Yes, I know, it's a dangerous thing to do. However, Martha Stewart has taken out a newspaper advertisement to let everyone know she's innocent. What do you think would happen if the SEC took out an advertisement stating their case?
Quote Of The Day
"The law demands what it cannot give; grace gives all it demands" -- Blaise Pascal
Corked Bats Supposedly, when a player uses a corked bat, he has the super-natural ability to hit a baseball a billion miles away, or something closely resembling that statement. Slugger Sammy Sosa, homerless for an entire month, was caught when his corked bat broke during an at bat. Not surprisingly, Major League Baseball confiscated his remaining 76 bats and checked them for "corking" and concluded they are clean. Tony's Two Cents: Sammy, I think you were trying to cheat. You claim that it's a bat you only use for batting practice to "give the fans a show". Everyone who knows baseball knows that this cannot be true. Why? Because, everyone who knows baseball, knows that fans aren't USUALLY admitted into the Cubs' stadium until AFTER the Cubs are finished with batting practice. This leaves us three possibilities. First, you put on a show for your teammates. Oddly peculiar, but possible. Of course, they've seen you hit the ball a mile without cheating. Second, it makes you feel macho. I don't buy this one either, as you come across as macho anyway. Unless you are invisibly insecure, this is highly improbable, as well. Lastly, you are a liar, and a cheater. I'm opting for the last choice, until you prove otherwise.
What To Do How do you infuse a little money into a book which won't sell? Sue somebody for $8 million because they leaked the one thing that would be half-way worth reading found in the stupid book.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Cavuto's Tirade . . . Sort Of Neil Cavuto goes on a bit of a tirade: Take Us, or Leave Us. The article is about the way the world just doesn't care for the United States.
It goes from contempt in Jordan, where only one percent of those surveyed expressed a favorable opinion of the United States, to mild hatred in Indonesia and Turkey -- where 15 percent felt the same way -- to general distrust in Germany and France.
I say that we should get the names of all those countries, and leave them. Totally. Just pick up our playground basketball, and come home. We're only in those countries to protect them. The ones we aren't actually located in, hate us generally anyway (Middle Eastern Countries).
Big surprise. But here's the kicker: In Indonesia, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, more people had confidence in Usama bin Laden to "do the right thing in world affairs."
Even better. You can have him. He can be your personal little saviour. That is, if he's still alive and kicking.
Majorities in NATO countries want less dependence on the U.S.
GREAT! We can pull out of NATO as well as the U.N. Of course, then both organizations would collapse because, oh yeah, a little thing called MONEY. We have it, they don't. Of course, that's gets to the absolute root of the problem. For the most part, the countries around the world which show a dislike toward the United States all have one thing in common - they aren't as free, nor as wealthy. It gets their goat that the United States prospers. Our businesses prosper as well as our citizens. They can't figure out that it's called Capitalism.
Indicted Martha Stewart has been indicted, as I am quite sure you already know. Now, for the REST of the story: Reporter: Tony, will Martha be found guilty of these crimes? Tony: Who knows? Who cares? It doesn't matter anyway. Next question. Reporter: Tony, if she is found guilty, will Martha serve a second of jail time? Tony: You know better than that. Of course she won't. She's Martha Stewart. Don't read that wrong! If it were YOU, you'd serve maximum sentence. However, YOU aren't Martha. Maybe she'll get community service. She can be sentenced to looking for Nicole's killer so O.J. can go back to Mourning In Golf.
Peace In The Middle East? Not According To Hamas HUGE strides have been made in obtaining peace in the Middle East. Does Hamas care about peace enough to stop killing women and children? Apparently not.
"We will never be ready to lay down arms until the liberation of the last centimeter of the land of Palestine," Hamas official Abdel Aziz Rantisi was quoted by Reuters as saying.
Remember, these kooks believe that ALL of Israel is Palestine. Like I've said before: Give them an inch, they think they are rulers.
More Comes Out You'll remember from, oh, EVERYWHERE, that the Democrats in Congress of the State of Texas hightailed it to Oklahoma because Texas House Speaker Tom Delay wanted to vote on a redistricting plan. As more comes out, their dog and pony show becomes more and more self-defeating idiocy. Let us not forget that they were running because this was a "right-wing, white" attempt to "hold back minorities" and not give minorities the representation in the State Legislature. What would the redistricting bill have done? The bill, if passed, would have eliminated six seats held by white Republicans. At the same time, it would have created more districts which, population wise, are dominated by minorities (some predominately black districts, some predominately hispanic). Yes folks, these "all encompassing" nitwits didn't want to pick up more seats in the legislature. Morons.
For Sale Ever want to own a piece of space history? Here's your chance.
To Heck With Safety Disney's 'Gay Days', the time of year which won't see many traditional value families visiting the park, has caused a bit of Freedom of Speech stir. Apparently, the safety measure of not flying a plane over the park, is an infringement on the Freedom of Speech for some Christian group. Specifically, they wish to have a plane tow a banner with a message about how homosexuals can "find hope in Jesus" and break free of homosexuality. Most of my readers are aware of my stance on homosexuality, thus, I won't go into yet again. However, I think this Christian group is wrong. It would be an infringement on their rights if THEIR message were the ONLY ONE which was censored. The no-fly zone enacted covers EVERYONE's message, if it is towed behind an aircraft which wishes to fly over Disney.
"We're not advertising; we're trying to reach a specific target audience with a very specific, noncommercial message,"
Umm, kind of like flying a plane into a building? Whether you are advertising or not, the ban isn't specifically to stop YOUR message, thus, YOUR First Amendment rights are still 100% entact. These guys would have an argument if their planes couldn't fly over, but some "pro-homosexual" messaged plane can.
Quick Thought If a minister says that God doesn't exist, doesn't he cease being a minister?
Crap, I'm In The Blogger world was getting heavy - After figuring that the extra weight I carry is NOT a gift from God, I'm in on the Great Blogger Blubber-a-thon. Sheesh. How do I get roped into things I know I'll lose? The Doctor: You should go on a diet. Me: There's a problem with that. Doc: What's the problem? Me: I like the taste of food too much.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Myself and the youngest Super Kid were outside doing some grilling. While we were waiting for our cow piece to get done enough to keep from mooing, the Super Kid was tooling around the sidewalk in her Step2 Ride On Car. Once she got out of the car, I noticed the "warning" label stuck to it:
WARNING: Do not ride ride-on car on hills, thoroughfares, steps, and other inclines. (Notice the PERIOD right there) To prevent injury, always wear shoes.
Now, was "driving" these things down a thoroughfare REALLY a problem? How many people REALLY tried this? As well, the ONLY apparent way to prevent injury is to wear your shoes while riding this car. Just don't do it on the thoroughfare.
How Did THIS Slip Past Me? Senator Frank Lautenberg wants you to register your firearm, sort of. Explicitly, the thinks the government should know who has guns.
Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., announced his plans Wednesday to introduce legislation he calls the "Homeland Security Gun Safety Act," along with fellow New Jersey Democrat Jon Corzine, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I. Lautenberg claimed the proposal would close "loopholes" in gun laws "that allow terrorists to access weapons and explosives inside our borders."
Which loopholes are those, Senator? The ones which allow us to actually OWN guns?
"As our government confiscates toenail scissors at airports, secures power plants, and increases domestic surveillance," Lautenberg said, "we're ignoring the most obvious threat that's out there, and that is the ease in [sic] which terrorists can access weapons in virtually any town across the country."
It's also the ease which law-abiding citizens obtain guns. Oh, wait, that's off topic. We're talking TERRORISTS.
Under Lautenberg's proposal, any time the Homeland Security Threat Level rises to "elevated" or higher, law enforcement authorities would not be required to complete mandatory background checks on firearms purchasers within the current limit of three business days. Unlike current law, which mandates near-immediate destruction of records of background checks if the sale is approved, Lautenberg's proposal would allow authorities to maintain the registry of new gun owners "indefinitely."
Ah, see there? It IS a gun registry. It's easier to oppress a populace when you know who is capable of fighting back, I guess. "Any time the Homeland Security Threat Level rises to 'elevate' or higher . . ." I hate to tell you this, but it's been there SINCE IT WAS FREAKIN' CREATED, moron.
"These are the very laws that were used by the Nazis to register everybody's guns, to confiscate the Jews' guns and then to commit genocide," said Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America.
Exactly. When you know who has the guns, it's quite easy to FREAKIN' KILL THEM, you stinkin' communist. Lowering crime is not a valid argument either. Great Britain started stiff gun control laws and the only thing they got in return is the gun crimes have increased. Also, don't tell Washington, D.C., that gun control works. With a gun crimes rate a KABILLION times higher than the national average, I don't think they'll actually listen to you. If you want to keep the guns out of the hands of those who have a constitutional right to have them, at least have the cajones to say so. Oh, wait. That would mean you'd have to have some stinkin' FACTS to back up your ridiculous claims. We all know how Communists hate those things called facts.
A Frightening Trend Zacarias Moussaoui is attempting to build his defense, but the Justice Department seems bent on allowing him not to do so. Moussaoui wishes to question Al Qaeda leader Ramzi Binalshibh, but the Justice Department doesn't seem to want to allow him to due to "national security". In the United States, supposedly, you are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution has the burden of proving that guilt with hard evidence and facts. However, the defense has the right to have access to that evidence before the trial, and the prosecution is utilizing evidence which the Justice Department won't allow Moussaoui access to. If he doesn't have the access to question the same people that the prosecution has access to, I can't possibly see how he can be found guilty. If he is, the conviction can, and should (sadly), be thrown out because of what I will call "Judicial Misconduct". If the conviction is allowed to stand, remember that your rights will be trampled as well because precedent will have been set. This makes me tremble to know that my rights will have been trampled because the Federal Government doesn't want to fight fairly (i.e., Constitutionally) in this particular trial.
They Want To Tax Who? There seems to be a few countries at the G8 Summit who believes that a tax on firearms will help solve the world's hunger problem.
Some world leaders at the G8 summit meeting are floating the idea of a global tax on arms sales, including – at French President Jacques Chirac's suggestion – a tax on gun purchases by individuals.
Now, who on this planet buys more arms than anybody else? You guessed it. The United States, who's Second Amendment gives the Right to Bear Arms to the populace, would, in my opinion, be the country funding this piece-o-crap. This would definitely be a serious threat to our national sovereignty. Hey, just say no to the morons who don't like the fact that the United States does more to attempt to battle world issues than any other country this planet has ever seen.